140L & 240L CFT Worm Farm Setup Guide

Follow this Set-Up Guide by working up from the bottom of page


Step 6. Put down lid, position according to time of year and you’re ready to start worm farming

Step 5. Install pre-soaked and gently wrung out worm farm blanket directly on top of paper layer

Step 4. Install a damp newspaper layer x3 sheets thick directly on top of worms

Note: Brush and clean out box thoroughly and return to place of purchase if possible

Step 3. Add your box of worms and spread evenly

Step 2. Squeezing out excess moisture, add combined and pre-soaked shredded cardboard and coco coir peat bedding materials and spread evenly

Step 1. Neatly install a damp newspaper layer x4 sheets thick and 2 layers wide directly onto pipes bringing up the sides of CFT approx 50mm

NOTE: Monitor liquid leachate run-off by checking the amount of liquid that accumulates at the bottom of your CFT worm farm (Refer to Beginners Guide)


NOTE: Combine and pre-soak Coco Coir Peat and shredded Cardboard for a min of 4 hours


1. We recommend you 1st read Bellarine Worms A Beginners Guide to Worm Farming as a general introduction.

2. Once you have decided what size CFT worm farm suites your needs best, assemble and refer to the BW Set-Up Guide above working from the bottom up as illustrated.