Caring for your European Nightcrawlers

Your worms will keep well in excess of 3-4 weeks if cared for correctly using this basic care guide:

  1. Store in a cool dry place between 5o – 25oC
  2. Keep out of direct sunlight at all times
  3. Keep moist but not too wet by spraying lightly with a spray bottle once a week or when required
  4. Feed your worms a tablespoon of worm chow (worm food provided with your purchase) once a week or when required
  5. Feel free to call Wayne at Bellarine Worms anytime for free tutorial and advisory service.


Note: For Best Practice

Do not discard contents of tub as it is very likely you will have Euro eggs and baby Euro worms present. Empty left over contents of tub into your worm farm or compost bin at home and you may be lucky enough to have a couple of your own Euro’s available for your next fishing trip.