Frequently Asked Questions

Is my worm farm supposed to smell bad?

A well managed worm farm should smell pleasantly earthy. If your farm has a bad smell, remove any rotting food and make sure you’re not overfeeding your worms. You can also gently aerate your bedding with a garden fork and add moistened newspaper to help counter the effects of overfeeding.

Remember also that your worms like moisture – if you don’t get a few drops when you squeeze a handful of bedding, then spray with a little water. You can also use a sprinkling of dolomite or garden lime to re-establish your worm farm’s pH – these are available from your local garden and hardware suppliers.

What happens when I go away on holiday?

Worms can live for up to 4 weeks without fresh food. Put damp newspaper in the worm farm and leave in a cool location. Empty the ‘worm juice’ before you go and leave the tap open with a container underneath it to collect the liquid.

Why are there flies in my worm farm?

A well-managed worm farm shouldn’t attract flies as they have difficulty breeding where food is being quickly consumed by worms. If flies become an annoyance, reduce how much you feed your farm or try covering it with a hessian sack or shade cloth.

How do I stop pests invading my worm farm?

Insects like slaters, beetles, springtales and mites are all a part of the natural decomposition cycle and are fine to have in your worm farm. Ants often indicate your worm farm is too dry, so add a few drops of moisture if they become a problem. You can also place the legs of your worm farm in bowls of water to cut off their pathway.