About Bellarine Worms

Bellarine Worms is a family owned, home based business, located on the Bellarine Peninsula at Point Lonsdale, Victoria.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and our exceptional knowledge of all things Vermiculture and related products. We are so passionate about our worms Wayne is always being asked to appear as a guest speaker for numerous Gardening Clubs, Garden Nursery’s and the like to share his extensive experience, knowledge and passion for everything Vermiculture.

Wayne started out some 25 years ago in the building industry as an apprentice carpenter & joiner, working his way up through the ranks acquiring exceptional building knowledge, people and organization skills. Wayne soon found himself working for the next 15+ years in building management positions for several of Australia’s largest Domestic builders. After a successful career in building management it was time for a change and with a forever increasing interest in Aquaponics, Permaculture and of course Vermiculture, Bellarine Worms was born.

It has now been over 10 years since we sold our first batch of compost worms and with our unique free ongoing advisory and onsite tutorial service, would you believe that we have never had a customer having to purchase additional compost worms due to our unique follow-up service making sure that our customers get it right the first time.

Bellarine Worms is a domestic Vermiculture operation which aids people and families to process their organic waste in a sustainable way. Bellarine Worms manufactures and installs a range of low-cost, small to medium sized Worm Farms which process organic waste into nutrient rich organic soil amendment, fertilizers and folio sprays.

The aim of Bellarine Worms is to be the driving force behind organic recycling using Vermiculture. Bellarine Worms is committed to recycling organic waste including food scraps and is working towards the goal of having all households organic waste recycled straight back into their own gardens, neighbours gardens our community gardens. This alone would remove millions of tons of waste from our landfill sites, reducing methane emissions and ground water contamination. It would also lessen the requirements for new landfill sites resulting in transporting less waste around the country with all the associated CO2 emissions.

To do this Bellarine Worms is striving to provide a low cost sustainable waste management solution for all domestic applications. We have designed, built and tested many types of Worm Farms and along with many other commercially manufactured Worm Farms we have narrowed down the best designs for domestic applications.

Bellarine Worms is passionate about ensuring a clean, safe and sustainable future.