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We have an ongoing supply of Hyline Brown and Isa Brown chickens of all ages for sale. These girls are all layers from a permaculture based pasture raised free range farm and are now looking for their new homes. They are all fully vaccinated and will make for great pets and will thrive in a back yard environment. They will continue laying for years to come and are super friendly.

16 week old Pullet release dates are as follows:

April 16th – (SOLD OUT)

May 21st – (Available Now)

June 25th – (Taking Orders))

July 30th – (TBA)

Sep 3rd – (TBA)

October 8th – (TBA)

Nov 12th – (TBA)

Dec 17th – (TBA)

Jan 21st – (TBA)

0 to 12 month olds $25 (As Above)

12 to 18 month olds $15 (SOLD OUT)

18 to 24 month olds $10 (Available-Taking Orders)

24 month olds $5 (SOLD OUT)

NOTE: Please read description thoroughly and then if you're wanting to go on the pre order list, text all your particulars and quantities to 0412 200 049 and we will call you when they are ready for collection. DO NOT CALL – TEXT ONLY!

We will reply to your text to confirm your pre order.

Collection times will be arranged strictly for Saturdays only!

NOTE: Please be mindful that once chickens have passed 18-24 months of age, laying will become irregular and due to a natural moulting process, they will go off the lay from anywhere between 8-12 weeks particularly in cooler months but will then continue to lay.

Free ongoing support and advisory service.

NOTE: A medium to large sized box or crate is required to transport (e.g. a microwave sized box will carry up to 4 chickens)

Chooks will not be released on days where temperatures exceed 28 degrees.

Also stockists of:

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – Food Grade

Shell Grit (Poultry Grade)

Feeders & Drinkers

Pine Shavings

Straw Bales etc

Free Range Pullet Grower 20kg

Free Range Layer Mash 20kg

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Vaccination Details


All our chickens have been vaccinated for the following:

Mareks IB (2 strains)
ILT (2 strains)
Fowl Pox, NVD, AE, EDS
Benzicare x2 (Wormer)