Servicing Geelong and the Bellarine
We do everything worms and more at Bellarine Worms

** Now Offering Delivery for Bulk Garden Supplies **

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Specialists Breeders of Compost Worms (Blues, Tigers, Reds & Euros), Fishing Worms (European Nightcrawlers) and Premium Quality Worm Castings.

Huge range of domestic & commercial Worm Farms, Worm Towers, Worm Tea & Compost Brewing Kits, Compost Bins, Chicken Manure, Sheep Manure, Horse Manure, Cow Manure, Potting Mix, Garden Mulch, Garden Compost, Premium Worm Casting Compost, Mushroom Compost, Coco Peat, Sugarcane Mulch, Pea & Barley Straw Bales, Pet Bedding (Pine Shavings) Rice Hulls, Bagged Firewood, Fresh Free Range Eggs and much much more – See pictures in our gallery.

We are also now offering bulk garden supplies including premium potting mix, garden compost, mushroom compost, chicken manure, cow manure, horse manure, tree mulch and coco coir peat. All available in cubic metre quantities.

All day, every day.

Specialising in onsite tutorial support, service and advice on everything Vermiculture.

Worm farm repairs, trade ins and upgrades
Worm farm selection, DIY design and set up
Worm farm servicing and conditioning
Worm tea brewing, DIY design and setup
Worm tea brewing kits
Harvesting worms and castings etc

Compost Worms (Reds, Blues, Tigers and Euro’s)
Fishing Bait Worms (European Nightcrawlers)
Organic Worm Tea (Folio spray – All Natural Insecticide & Fertiliser)
Organic Worm Castings (Slow Release Fertiliser & Soil Amendment)

Servicing Geelong and the Bellarine.

At Bellarine Worms we work on a self-service honour system. Simply pull up and help yourself. Payment box provided. If you require any assistance please feel free to call within. All enquiries are welcome.

Feel free to call or message ahead to confirm stock availability.

Delivery available* to the Bellarine and Geelong regions for all purchases over $25

*Conditions Apply.

We are located at 75 Bellarine Hwy, Point Lonsdale.

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