Tiered Worm Farm Setup Guide

Follow this Set-Up Guide by working up from the bottom of page

Step 10. Refer to Day to Day Compost Worm Care guide

Step 9. Working tray 3 is not required at this time

Working Tray 3

Step 8. Install lid and you’re ready to start worm farming

Step 7. Install pre-soaked and gently wrung out worm farm blanket

Step 6. Install damp newspaper layers as per step 2 directly to bottom of working tray 2

Step 5. Refer to note below

Install Working Tray 2

Note: Overfill working tray 1 by approx 20mm so working tray 2 is resting hard on working tray 1 bedding and worms

Step 4. Add your box of worms – spread evenly

Step 3. Squeezing out excess moisture add combined and pre-soaked shredded cardboard and coco coir peat bedding materials – spread evenly

Step 2. Neatly install a damp newspaper layer x3 sheets thick bringing up the sides approx 50mm

Install Working Tray 1

Step 1. Leave tap in the open position with a weighted container underneath so to monitor liquid leachate run-off


1. We recommend you 1st read Bellarine Worms A Beginners Guide to Worm Farming as a general introduction.

2. Once you have decided what worm farm design suites your needs best, assemble and refer to the BW Set-Up Guide above working from the bottom up as illustrated.