Caring for your Compost Worms

    1. Keep sump tap in the open position at all times with weighted container underneath to able easy monitoring of liquid leachate/worm juice run off (Tap and Sump Models Only)
    2. Only feed your worms when previous feed is nearly gone by chopping food scraps into small pieces or blitzing in a food processor.
    3. Only feed your worms on one half of the worm farm at a time alternating sides at each feed
    4. Keep worm farm blanket moist at all times by spraying with dedicated water spray bottle every 2-3 days
    5. Once per month remove worm farm blanket and paper layer then lightly dust worm farm surface with Dolomite (Garden Lime) provided in your kit. Moisten with spray bottle.
    6. Worms will eventually eat away paper layer to underside of worm farm blanket so from time to time it will require replacing.


Do not overfeed your worm farm.

Do not poor water into your worm farm.

Keep worm farm well shaded during the summer months.

Move worm farm into morning sun during the cooler months.