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Worm Blanket


Worm Farm & Compost Bin Blankets
Makes Your Worm Farms & Compost Bins More Productive

BW Worm Farm and Compost Bin Blankets increase worm activity. Thicker than a hessian bags and made from 100% recycled cotton fibres, our Worm Farm and Compost Bin Blankets create the dark, moist, aerated environment that compost worms thrive in. Choose round, rectangular, square or custom blanket then place it over the food scraps in the top of your worm farm or compost bin.


Keeps worms cooler in summer and wormer in winter.
Helps with moisture control throughout
Creates dark, moist, aerated environment

Made from 100% recycled cotton fabrics

$15.50 incl postage

Please contact us with dimensions if ordering Custom Size.

Further Details

Worm & Compost Blankets
Makes Your Worm Farm More Productive

Additional Information
Dimensions 47 cm
Blanket Shape

Round, Rectangle, Square, Custom Size – please contact for details